12 inspirational Instagram post ideas for coaches

Instagram is only for photographers, right?

Do you remember this rumor:

Instagram posts are best for photographers and creatives.

And is that still true? No , that hasn't been the case for a long time. Nowadays everyone should be wondering how to use Instagram for themselves. You too as a coach. 

Why should you use Instagram?

Instagram has the advantage over Facebook, it's much tidier. We are not overwhelmed with information . And that's what we all long for. In the age of the information society, we are fed up with information. We long for simplicity, clarity and beauty . We want to be inspired on Instagram . Since Facebook is so overcrowded with information, we simply hide all information . We focus on communication and sharing . What is no longer noticed on Facebook, you can achieve with Instagram . On Instagram, the user has a different mindset . He is looking for inspiration . Instagram thrives on beautiful pictures and inspiring sayings. But that is too simple a thought.

What is the most common mistake made by bad Instagram accounts?

Of course, Instagram is all about aesthetics , but one thing is much more important: It's about the quality , not only of the pictures , but also of the texts . Above all, your Instagram account should reflect your business . If someone comes to your account, the pictures must tell them what you are doing. If he doesn't realize that, he's gone. For example , I love photographing flowers in my free time. The photos are nice too and I share them on Instagram. Now someone came to my Instagram account because they are looking for a social media coach like me. Maybe he found me through an Instagram search or a hashtag. But now he sees all the pictures of the flowers. What will he think? Exactly: I'm wrong here - and he's gone again.

How can you use Instagram for yourself as a coach?

If you are a photographer you always have something to post on Instagram , if you have a product you can also take 1,000 photos of it. But what if you can't photograph what you're selling ? If you are a coach, your service is difficult to photograph , isn't it? A clear NO . But before we get into the details, there is one important question to consider when building your Instagram account as a coach . You should definitely answer this question beforehand , because it reflects the content of your account :

What is your why behind your Instagram account?

What do you want to achieve with your account ? Do you want to inspire people, help them or draw attention to your coaching offer? Once you have answered this question, you can be much more targeted 🎯 with the content of your Instagram posts . I have put together a workbook for you to support you . You are welcome to download and print this out . Just press the blue button. 


12 inspirational Instagram post ideas for coaches

But now we're going full steam ahead. You now have a rough idea of ​​what you want to achieve with your account. Here are my Instagram post ideas in the form of categories. So you get 12 categories but a lot more ideas . Let's start.

1. Your favorite quotes

My favorite. I love quotes and I always like to be inspired. Many of my followers follow me precisely because of these quotes. So ask yourself which quotes or sayings can inspire and help your target audience? For example, once you have your quote, go to canva.com and make a nice picture out of it. Insider Tip: Gather a few quotes and then sit down and make the pictures out of them, it saves you time. That's how I always do it.😉

2. Your tips

What tips can you give your target group that can support or help them with their problem? I'm talking about the problem that you as a coach want to solve. You are still not sure which problem you want to solve exactly? In this article you will find out.

3. Your book recommendations

Which books should your target group definitely read at least once? Are there books that best accompany or support your clients in the coaching process? Just make an Instagram post out of it and tell everyone about it. Or is there a book that a client should definitely read before starting your coaching? Post that as well, so you achieve that you start with a perfectly prepared client. 🤩

 4. Your workplace

Do you have a coaching practice where you work from? Great, you can take nice photos of it and make several Instagram posts. At the same time, this builds trust. When a client knows how things are with you, he loses the shyness of the first visit.Do you work online? Then your workplace (laptop, etc.) belongs in the photo. A look behind the scenes also builds trust. You like to drink coffee or tea at work, that could also be worth a photo and therefore an Instagram post. You like to change the location of the coaching ? Show your favorite coaching workplace ? Maybe it's a café or you coach in the forest? Is there a workplace where you prefer to prepare for the coaching? It's also worth a photo.

5. Your work materials

What do you work with as a coach? white board? Any other fancy tools? Then photograph them and tell something about them in an Instagram post. This is how you arouse interest and attention. Do you have nice working materials that the client gets to prepare? These are also worth photographing. That makes me want to do coaching with you. Which tools do you recommend to your clients? Write it down in the workbook.

6. You at work

Here you cannot avoid getting another person (perhaps a professional photographer) on board. In the workbook you have checklists with many photo examples. Some of them are: You in front of the laptop, you make notes or you are on the phone.

7. Behind the scenes

Does your dog accompany you all the time? What do you wear to work? Yes, you laugh, but that interests people. You should also record it if you are at a networking event or a training course. This gives the client the feeling that you are the expert and are constantly learning.

8. About you

Why are you actually doing all this? Show personality. Of course, your profile should reflect your coaching business, but a little bit of your private life shouldn’t be missing either. It makes you a human being. It increases your sympathy and creates trust. I recommend the Pareto principle here: 80% business-relevant Instagram posts 20% private posts.

9. Your values

You can also make beautiful graphics with depth about your values ​​as a coach. Also write why they are so important to you. This will automatically attract more customers who care. 😍

10. Your latest blog post, podcast, or video

Of course, the goal is always to bring people from Instagram to your website . Therefore, an Instagram post can be about your latest blog article, podcast or your latest video. Important at this point: Show your readers how they can get to this blog post, podcast or video - perhaps via a link in your bio.

11. Repost

You saw a great Instagram post from someone else that might also interest your target group? Then you can also post the article on your profile. There are special apps for that . The right amount is crucial here, too much of it can also be harmful.


For a change, you can also include a video instead of a photo. Maybe a short explanatory video with subtitles. That brings variety . However, videos are even better in your stories and highlights. 

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