12 ways to find your target avatar's problem


Your target avatar

In my last article you were able to develop your target avatar. If you haven't already, I recommend reading this article first. So you are well prepared. Now it's time to get to know your target avatar and test your assumptions. In this article, I'll show you ways to do that and explain what you get out of it.I ask you: why might it make sense to re-examine your assumptions about the target avatar? Is there a possibility that you are wrong in your assumptions? It can be right? It's just your assumptions and ideas. Why might it be helpful precisely in defining the problem?

Full steam ahead

Imagine: You are now putting all your energy into your assumption of what kind of problem the customer might have. You build a website and write blog articles about your customer's problem. Maybe you start an eBook and a YouTube channel. You sit in front of your laptop for hours. You have your offer out and offer your target avatar a first free introductory meeting. And what happens? nothing . You do and do and do and... Nothing . Nobody cares .Because nobody has this problem or perceives it as a problem.So how do you know that there are people who can't sleep because they have a problem you want to solve?At best, you've been in this situation before, and your target avatar is a reflection of you and your problem. But how do you know there are more people out there with this problem?

Find out

So how do you find out whether your potential customers really have this specific problem or a completely different problem? It's time to get to know your target avatar. As? You just ask him if that's his problem?But how do you even get to the target avatar? So far it is a purely fictional person . So it's time to examine the assumptions you've made about your target avatar. The most important assumption is the verification of his problem . Does he also perceive the problem as a problem? Does he have this problem at all?

Here are the TOP arguments to get to know your target avatar better:

  • This saves you a lot of work going in the wrong direction
  • You can understand your target avatar 's problems much better
  • You will also learn much more about the overall nature of your target avatar
  • You can talk to potential customers via social platforms
  • You build up a first customer relationship
  • You will be perceived online in connection with your topic

12 ways to get to know your target avatar and their problem better

First of all, you can check your first assumption : Is your target avatar exactly where you think it is? That means, is he even represented on Facebook, Instagram etc.? Could you confirm your assumption? Here are 12 options, depending on where your target avatar hangs out:

1. Facebook Groups

Are there Facebook groups where your target avatar is? For example, if your target group is coach , there are many groups where coaches exchange ideas. Here you could ask your problem question. At the end , I'll give you some tips on how best to formulate it.

2.Facebook Messenger

You have found 5 to 6 people on Facebook who match your target avatar very well? Then simply write to them via Facebook Messenger and ask your problem question there. It may take a bit of effort for you, but trust me, it's worth the work .

3.Instagram Direct Message

Similar to Facebook Messenger, you can start a conversation with your target avatar here and get to know him so much better. You show interest and build a relationship with your potential customer. Use the hashtag search to reach your target audience

4. Xing groups

There are also groups on Xing where you can do a survey about the problem. Especially if the target group is in the business sector, Xing is a good starting point.

5. Xing message

If you are sure that you are reaching your target group via Xing, then it might be worth considering Xing Premium. This is the only way you can write messages to non-contacts .

6. LinkedIn Groups

Especially in the international arena , LinkedIn can be a platform to get to know your target avatar better. You can ask your problem question in groups, similar to Xing.

7. LinkedIn News

Here, too, there is the possibility to write messages to non-contacts with the appropriate membership, similar to Xing only international .

8. Networking Events

Does your target avatar attend networking events, and if so, which ones? There you can also start a conversation and collect valuable information about your target avatar and his problem.

9. Competitor

Have the competitors already recognized the problem? Do you talk about it? You can go directly into communication here and ask what the biggest problem is with your customers. They don't necessarily have to help you, but maybe they can. 😁 Here you get new insights into the problem of your target avatar. There may be good cooperation opportunities for you here.

10. Statista

Statista is a portal with statistics on a wide variety of topics. There are some free statistics that are very revealing. In any case, I recommend that you visit Statista to check various assumptions about your target avatar.

11. Google

Sometimes the simple is so close. Google the problem and look at the search results . Also look beyond page 1 😉 Is anyone even looking for this problem? You might also find helpful blogs here.

12. Blogs

Blogs could provide insight into whether your topic is really a big problem for your target avatar. Take a look at the comments here. Helpful discussions often arise here  .

3 extra tips for market research on social media

  1. First introduce yourself. It is also very important to briefly explain why you are researching and asking. People are more willing to help you when they know your reason.
  2. Ask an open-ended question . Keep your question general. In this way you can find out more about the problem, eg What is your biggest challenge in area X. Do an extra round if you want to be more specific. If you ask in groups, you can ask individual people with a personal message in the second round.
  3. Thank you for every comment and message. Give feedback and ask questions. You can start a conversation here too. Show interest to anyone who took the trouble to respond to your question.

At least now you know:

Ah, there is a need for my solution!

Or not. You may have already made your first contacts . Now it's time to stick with it and deliver added value . Now you can think about your content in a targeted manner with the certainty that you are also helping someone.How do you get in touch with your potential customer ? Tell me in the comments, I'm curious.I thank you for your time. She is the most valuable thing we have.Kind regards, 

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